What is Transitional Work?


Intentional Time Between Leaders (or Pastors)

Times of transition are windows of opportunity for churches to experience transformational turning points toward health and mission.

The Old Interim Model does not work

This old model leaves little space to address key issues like vision, healing, assessments and other issues.  Your church needs more than just someone to fill in on Sunday mornings.

It's about strenghtening the leadership

A united and focused organization can do amazing things.  Use this time to become healthy before your new leader arrives.


  “Garth has greatly helped us to evaluate, strategize and prepare with confidence for this coming adjustment. His skills are uniquely suited for this kind of ministry and his spirit is very much aligned with the Spirit of God and the commission God had left his church to accomplish.“ Roger Huizinga, Sr Pastor, Uptown Church

Wanna Know More

See my YouTube Page for a longer presentation or BETTER, lets chat about it more.